For demanding use the Nordlift air-hydraulic jacks, with built-in pump.

Easy to move around and placed where desired lifting position thanks to large wheels and long drawbar. Reliable and safe construction; mm. remote control, safety pads and height extensions available.

Lifting capacity

  • 60 tons
  • 80 tons
  • 150 tons
  • JAK 215 / N, JAK 217 / N, JAK 221 / N jacks are suitable for use as garages, tire maintenance, as well as for to use in service trucks.
  • JAK 215 /L and JAK 315 / L in particular, maintenance for heavy duty vehicles with air springs, where they have special setting requirements for the jacks. These jacks are with compact dimensions.
  • JAK 218 /N, JAK 222 N and JAK 318 / N in particular, the use in workshops as well as in tyre repair shops.
  • JAK 415 /N and JAK 418 N / N Suitable for tyre work and as a basic jack for any workshop.
  • JAK 312 and JAK 510 jacks have been developed especially for low-floor coaches.
  • JAK 135 the jack is ideal for the maintenance of agricultural machinery as well as for public transport fleet.
  • JAK 330 / N is designed to lift the vehicle from the frame and suitable for use where the maximum stroke and the lifting capacity is required.

Leaflet for Nordlift jacks:

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Powerful jacks for heavy equipment maintenance. The pistons automatically return to the starting position; two (2) lowering valves to ensure that the jack holds the load in position no matter under what circumstances, and the load is lowered in a controlled manner. A number of versions available; Jacks with a suitable lifting capacity and stroke for the customer's needs.