Electro-hydraulic mobile column set

Capacity: 8.2 t / column. Available in 4, 6 or 8 lifting column sets.

HDL-8200 is an electro-hydraulic column set, in which the functions are controlled by a PLC-system. The program detects dangerous situations, for example; mechanical obstacle under the vehicle etc. The height differences between the columns does the PLC-synchronization system correct automatically.

The operation and maintenance can be done from each column separately or together. Automatic stop if obstacle under the lift. The lift can be driven down in a case of an electrical breakdown. The use of the column set is easy and secure. Every column is equipped with a transport system of its own. The transport system is equipped with a spring-loaded wheel brakes.



HDL 8200

Lifting capacity

8200 kg / column

Lifting height

1800 mm

Lifting time

90 sec


1.5 kW / Column

The height of the column

2620 mm

The depth of the carriage

1225 mm


1100 mm

The weight of the column

530 kg

Protection class

IP 55

Lifting nose (Anvil)

Adjustable (355 mm deep)

Columns in one set, max.





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North Lift Column HDL