Nordlift quality now also for electro-mechanical lifts

Nordlift features and benefits

  • The capacity of pillars is 8-40 t. Pillar amount of up to 28.
  • One lifting jack is suitable for all types of rail vehicles: for different type and for different manufacturers locomotives, wagons and full trains combinations

Increase your productivity

Nordlift Touch ™ control system help you to set the lifting anvil easy and accurate to the manufacturer's recommended lifting point. Each column has push buttons or remote control for this setting drive.

Each column send load and height data to the central unit. PLC at the central unit use this as a so-called zero level. When lifting up the column set, you do see from the central unit information like: Columns lifting height compared to the zero level, fault diagnosis, etc.

More working space, easy to move

Nordlift lifting jacks are with very compact structure. Thefore you do have more space for the work itself. The columns are moved on the rails or on the concrete floor, either by hand or by an electric motor.

Each pillar has an independent power unit. The pillars are connected to each other by the cables, which contain the data and electricity for the motors. The cables do not go under the lifted item, so the space remains free.

One lift for the whole fleet

Nordlift-lifting jacks are equipped with an electrically or manually adjustable lifting anvil or with lifting point specific adapters. As a result, one and the same lifting jack is suitable for entire train combination and metro trains, track machines, locomotives and so on - regardless of manufacturer, model or age of the fleet.

Safe in all circumstances

Nordlift Level ™ - syncronization monitors the progress of the lifting/lowering and correct any differences between the columns with +/- 4 mm tolerance.

Leading companies do trust on Nordlift quality.

Leading companies trust on Nordlift design and tailor made solutions; Alstom, ABB, Bombardier, Stadler, Valmet Automotive, VR Group and Wärtsilä. Our products meet the EU quality requirements, and the lifts only use European, high-quality components. Our planning, product development and manufacturing are all located in Sodankylä, in Finland – since 1978.



TR 8–40



Lifting capacity

8–40 t/pillar


3010 mm (customized)

Lifting speed

250-300 mm / min


2.2 - 5.0 kW / Column

The height of the lifting anvil, min.

240 mm

The height of the lifting anvil, max.

3250 mm


+ / – 4 mm

Transport system for the columns

Manually or electric driven

Protection class

IP 55

Lifting nose (Anvil)

Adjustable or fixed + adapters

Columns in one set, max.