Long platform lifts for inspection

Electro-hydraulical long platform lifts.

Nordlift UC is without columns and scissor construction. Free access to underbody from the side.

  • Easy to access the underbody, even with tool trolley or waste oil equipment.
  • Long life construction. Practice tested corresponding 25 years workshop use.
  • Lift is designed in co-operation of MOT / Workshop users.

To make the work easier

Nordlift Pilot ™ platform lifts are controlled by two buttons. The lift is automatically locked. Lifting time depending on the model only 12 to 30 seconds. As the lift construction is very low, it is easy to drive the vehicle on the lift, whether on floor or in-ground version.

The only platform lift with free access from the side

Nordlift UC -lift construction do allow to reach the underbody from the side, even with tool trolley or with waste oil collector - compared to the scissor lifts. This feature simplifies and speeds up the working procedure.

Practice tested construction; comply 25 years use in daily workshop use. Maintenance free construction.

Compared to mechanical lifters, the wear of electro- hydraulic Nordlift UC lifts is very low. The only spare part you need is a cheap ring.

UC-4000 platform lift is tested for the duration of 25 years of daily use by testing it with 52 000 cycles, using an average of 2500 kg of weight. The lift was after the test in full working condition.

UC 4000 K – the only lift designed for the MOT professionals

UC 4000 K has been designed together with Finnish vehicle inspection stations, and equipped for the work of these MOT professionals. Lift is a equipped with a powerful Play detector developed Nordlift Oy. Lifting time is 12 or 20 seconds. Platform length is 4715 mm or even 5000 mm. Also available UC tandem version to test the vehicle + trailer at the same time.

Safe in all circumstances

Nordlift Triple Safety System ™ is three-fold, continuous and automatic safety system. U-platform lifts have duplicated hydraulic, mechanical intermediate beam and lock valves on both cylinders. Both cylinders alone manage to keep up the load safely in all situations. Hydraulic hoses are protected by a groove or recessed into the floor.

Nordlift Level ™ automatic controls the level of the platforms and stop the lift if there is height difference between the platforms. The car remains level.

Less than 70 db sound level - No exposure to noise. The hydraulic unit may also be placed in a separate room and so to get absolutely silent working area.

Easy to install, also as an in-ground version.

UC-platform lift minimum height is only 180-190 mm, so the lift can also be mounted on floor, and is still easy to drive the vehicle on the lift. The lift can also be supplied to an existing in-ground place with tailor made dimensions to prevent alteration of the installation site.

UC 4000 is delivered in 4 main components, the heaviest of which weights only 650 kg. A professional installation of the lift takes five hours.

UC-series-en-Lifts for Vehicle Inspection-Nordlift-409

Nordlift lifts for inspection uc4000 dimension drawing 63



UC 4000 K



Lifting capacity

4000 kg

Lifting height

1850 mm

Lifting time

22/12 sec

min. height

180 mm

The length of the platforms

4715 mm

the width of the platforms

650 mm

The total length of the lift

5900 mm

Overall width

2235 mm

Protection class

IP 55


3,0 kW

Power supply

3 x 400 V

integrated play detector


Jacking beam


Long rear slip plates and
necessary cover plates

Tandem version available

4000 + 4000 kg



Lift table
Pneumatic Hydraulic jacking beam allows to work with very low vehicles. Capacity 2600 kg, a weight of only 90 kg, the minimum height of 158 mm, 292 mm lifting movement, the lifting arms width of 800-1600 mm.

Play Detector
Reliable and effective Play detector is installed in the lift only on one platform. Operating lamp has buttons to provided through the Play detector the necessary lateral and torsional movement, which makes the play visible - even in the rear axle housing. 7 m spiral cable as a standard in operating lamp.

Faster versions
A faster, turbo version (UC 4000 12 s) is available, with two hydraulic units.

Optional extras available
The light kit, compressed air connection, adjusting feet, long ascent plate, over-drivable ramp, SPECIAL MODELS

UC 4000 S for wheel alignment
Wheel alignment use a special version, with the necessary long rear slip plates and cover plates.

UC 4000 TANDEM version to lift the vehicle and trailer
UC tandem does lift the vehicle and the trailer at the same time. The lift consists of two pieces of UC 4000 lifts, which can be used separately or together. UC 4000 TANDEM K has been developed to inspect the vehicle and the trailer as one unit. The dimensions of the lift and the accessories can be delivered as per you requirements.