Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, UK, Malesia, Thailand, Senegal, Mauritania, Greece – to mention a few. Gold mines, the world’s longest train and many other highly demanding applications. In all corners of the world, Nordlift lifts are chosen whenever extreme performance and reliability are required.

Founded in 1978, Nordlift launched its journey to internationalization in 1983 with the export of their single post lifts to the Nordic countries. Although still a part of Nordlift’s product selection, single post lifts were soon surpassed by the company’s MOT Bay / inspection shop lifts. To this day, Nordlift MOT Bay / inspection shop lifts remain the market leader in the Nordic countries.

Today, international sales make up about 65–70 % of the company’s revenue. Nordlift’s most significant export product is rail workshop lifts. Nordlift’s rail lift customers include some of Europe’s most prominent train manufacturers. The journey to the world of locomotives began when Nordlift was contacted by a renowned railway company.

“They contacted our CEO and told him that they had train lifts from elsewhere that would not stay upright. Well, ours did. They have been a customer ever since”, says Export Manager Seppo Lindroth.

In addition to rail lifts, Nordlift provides international customers with special lifts for industrial applications, such as for wind turbine and bridge component manufacturing.

Reliable, low maintenance railway lifting jacks lead to strong market position

Nordlift’s strong position in the international market can be attributed to several key factors. The most significant requirement that customers have is reliability – one of Nordlift’s strong suits.

“When you are lifting a 200-ton rail vehicle, there is not much room for error. Customers appreciate the reliability of our products. We manufacture our lifts of customer-approved components and they are largely maintenance-free. They last several decades in active use with simply replacing wear parts like rubber rollers.”

Nordlift products are always tailored to customer needs, which is another one of the company’s differentiating factors. Nordlift always looks for ways to make their lifts seamlessly integrate with their customers’ operations.

“Our customer once encountered a need to lay a new floor to better accommodate their new lift. We made some modifications to the lift, which led to the customer avoiding the costly renovation.”

Nordlift Touch™ enables remote control and access ─ significant advantage for local service network

In addition to advanced technology, Nordlift offers customers quick responses and swift customer service. A train lift project can be completed in just 3 months. To ensure quality after-sales care, Nordlift establishes a local service network in the country. Service operations are aided by Nordlift Touch™, a control system that enables remote control and access from the Nordlift factory in Sodankylä, Finland.

“The system is like a tablet on the side of the column. The columns are connected to each other and can be controlled with the same control unit. This means that there is no extra wiring or devices laying on the floor taking up floor space. We are able to remotely connect to the lift, see where the problem is and give service technicians detailed support on servicing the lift. It is a significant advantage to service technicians and a great support to our local service network.”


Nordlift is a subsidiary of Veslatec.


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