Increase your productivity with Nordlift industrial solutions



Customized lifts

Mobile columns as per customer specifications.

Lifts for production line

Customized solutions for demanding needs of the industry and to move heavy components.

Nordlift support stands; 6 t – 450 t

Trestles according to customer requirements and with short delivery times.

Nordlift jacks

Nordlift JAK air hydraulic jacks for heavy equipment maintenance.

Nordlift mobile columns HDL 15000

Lift the vehicle from wheels; for mining and maintenance.

Nordlift SP- 8500 Axle stands

Adjustable support stand for heavy duty use. Maximum load 8500 kg

Nordlift features and benefits

Electro-hydraulical mobile columns

  • Columns capacity of 8.2 to 15 t, 4-8 columns per set. Up to 60 t lifting capacity per set.
  • Nordlift HDL specially equipped vehicle lifts to operate even under dusty and wet conditions, reliable, safety and without extra wearing, expensive repairs and breakouts - compared to the mechanical screw jack.
  • HDL 15000 mobile columns

  • Nordlift CUSTOM customized solutions

  • Nordlift INDUSTRIAL, products integrated into the production line solutions

  • Nordlift jacks and the support stands; 60, 80, 150 tonnes

Nordlift industrial improve your productivity:

Increase your productivity

Nordlift Pilot ™ control system. A set of mobile columns is controlled with 2 push buttons. Push buttons on each column, so every column can be the Master column. Time saving solution, drive the lift from the nearest column.

Space saving construction.

Mobile column set Nordlift HDL leaves the entire underbody visible and easy to reach. The compact design of the columns makes it easy to move and storage the columns.

Maintenance free construction, long life product.

Nordlift HDL lifts are almost maintenance free compared to mechanical lifts. One day service per year is sufficient. HDL is a lift for a long life cycle and makes maintenance affordable.

Function in difficult circumstances

Nordlift HDL is the most practical choice for mining conditions. Electro-hydraulic lift do operate; specially equipped even under dusty and difficult conditions. Reliably, safely and without extra wear and tear, expensive repairs and breakouts - in contrast to the mechanical screw jack.

Safe in all circumstances

Nordlift Triple Safety System ™ is three-time, continuous working automatic safety system. Hydraulic lock valve, independent working mechanical locking safety system and a parachute valve keep the HDL up safely in all situations.

Nordlift Level ™ PLC monitor and synchronize the progress of the column of the lift and adjust any lifting speed differences between the columns.

Less than 70 db sound level - No exposure to noise.

Lower power consumption and requirements

Nordlift Eco ™ technology allows nearly 70% less power consumption. HDL-column is only with 1.5 kW Motor - compared to screw jacks with 4kW Motors. As a result, significantly lower connected load.